I’ve taken the days off between Christmas and New Years and have taken several walks along the wetlands and in the woods near our home. The cattails always catch my eye as they add gold to the whites and blacks of winter.


I spent Labor Day weekend with my wife’s side of the family. It was nice to say goodbye to summer on the family farm in central Missouri. I took this photo of George McCollum, Donna’s dad, sitting on the front porch. I think the camera found him.

Walking through memories

Photo: Vienna Rathaus

I last stood here 15 years ago – when I called Austria home. It was here that God called me to serve refugees in December 1980. I remember moving to Europe in June 1981 with a big red backpack (with aluminum frame) and a duffle bag. Though not forced, it was my personal uprooting.

I returned to Minnesota 23 years later with a wife, two children and a German speaking golden retriever.

I was walking through a web of memories today. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Photo: Donna and I in Bad Kreuzen, Austria, outside one of the places we called home

I’ve been running really hard for a long time so I am happy to say it’s time to take a break. I’m going to be on vacation until May 30.

I lived in Austria from 1980-2003. Donna and I met there in the summer of 1982. We are headed back there for the first time together since we moved back to the states in 2003.

Our kids were born and raised there, so it is extra special that our daughter and her husband will be in Austria while we are there. We look forward to walking down memory lane together.

It is unlikely that I will post to this blog while on leave. Thanks for understanding. Check back in on May 30.