“Behind the event’s messages of hope…lies a daily life of curfews, police brutality, and ever-dwindling food rations. As much as the refugees in Kakuma deserve to be given a global platform…no amount of individual positive thinking is enough to escape these realities.”

-Ethnographer Hanno Brankamp, who has spent years studying life at Kakuma. Click here to see the source article in IRIN News.

As someone who spends 3+ weeks every year in Kakuma refugee camp, I can appreciate Hanno’s perspective on the recent TEDx Talks Held there. The talk of refugee strength, resilience and innovation is all true – but so is the inverse. People there struggle intensely to keep hope alive with every new sunrise.

It may sound like a contradiction or a paradox. But it is the reality for our friends in Kakuma today.

TEDx Talk – Kakuma refugee camp

Wow. This is so cool! I watched a bunch of talks this rainy morning here in Minnesota. I visit Kakuma 3 times a year which makes it even more amazing. I hope you will listen to at least a few of today’s remarkable TEDx Talks from Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya. They will renew your hope and awaken fresh compassion.