Photo: Sunrise in Minnesota today

I’m at a retreat center 30 minutes south of the Twin Cities this week, meeting with the executive leadership of IAFR Canada 🇨🇦 We call the meetings of IAFR executive leadership from the US and Canada our International Round Table (IRT).

They are in the final stages of establishing their organizational systems and will soon be ready to fully engage in ministry among refugees internationally.

While IAFR Canada is an autonomous mission agency, we share a common mission and operations values – so we work closely together toward that end.

While there is a lot of confusion and debate going on in the world concerning refugees, it is good to be together this week working on ways that bring hope and solutions to our uprooted friends.

We are up close and personal with refugees and asylum seekers in many parts of the world and we can testify that there is no need to fear them. There is good reason to partner with them in finding solutions to their displacement. That is where we are putting our time and energy.

Look out world 🌎

Fuel ⛽️

I end this day with a heart filled with gratitude for our generous IAFR partners – individuals, churches, businesses and foundations – that make this ministry possible.

IAFR is a vehicle helping people survive and recover from forced displacement. And our partners are the ones putting fuel in the tank so we can show up along the Refugee Highway in life-giving ways.


Did you ever defrag your computer? You might remember how in older versions of Windows, there was an image like this that showed how fragmented files were being consolidated.

Defragmentation is a simple way to increase a computer’s performance by running a Defrag app that helps file bits from programs and files on the hard drive consolidate – because they naturally fragment over time with use.

Our IAFR US Service Team meeting today was a bit like a defrag. We remembered the IAFR vision and mission and our role in pursuing it. It’s normal to feel fragmented after months in the trenches and it is good to regain perspective and make sure our roles are clear and that our priorities are taking us in the right direction.