Articles, Bylaws and Budget

I spent the past two days with IAFR Executive VP (Tim Barnes) at our Minneapolis office drafting an update of IAFR Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. We’ve grown a lot since 2009 and we are working with our Board of Directors to make sure these core documents set us up for continued growth and long-term ministry.

We also fine tuned our strategic plan for 2019 and worked on our 2019 Budget.

I am so thankful for Tim’s wisdom and experience as we work on these things as they are foundational of all IAFR does.

More than a board meeting

Left to Right: Tom Albinson, Tim Barnes (Executive VP, not board member), Brian Doten, Kristel Lehner, Jill Elefritz, John Swale, Dan Thompson

We had our annual face-to-face IAFR board meeting in Minneapolis yesterday. I am deeply grateful for the passion, wisdom and commitment these brothers and sisters have for the mission and work of IAFR.

We always start off the weekend of our annual meetings by gathering in our porch and eating Famous Dave’s ribs together. It’s a fun tradition that goes back to the first IAFR board meeting 10 years ago during which founding board members John Swale, Dan Thompson and Tom Albinson met outside of the Famous Dave’s in Uptown (Minneapolis). It’s a great way to reconnect and deepen our relationships before the next day of intense meetings.

It is a joy to serve with people who honestly believe that God loves the world and is active and engaged in time and space. The board is quick to acknowledge our utter dependency upon God and recognize that Jesus is seated at the table with us. Faith and hope permeate our meetings. Time together is punctuated with biblical reflection and prayer.

Our board meeting yesterday was more than doing business together. It was a rich time of worship and fellowship.