Stuck in limbo

This is a Facebook conversation I had today with a man who is running for his life and stuck in the limbo of an international airport for 25 days and counting. How he found IAFR on Facebook I may never know. I’ve censored references to places that might put him in danger. But I think you will still understand the basic situation.

This isn’t theoretical. He’s a real human being in fear with his back against the wall. Perhaps you can hear the trace of relief in his final words. It matters to feel seen and heard by someone who cares. Perhaps it matters most when there is no way out.

I’m thankful I can let him know that he and his suffering are not unknown today. And just maybe, God will answer our prayers for him and lead him to a safe place where he can clean up and rest his weary mind, body and soul.

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    We are thankful to report that after more than 27 days without the opportunity to bathe, we heard today that our friend was contacted by the UN officials in the country and that they have managed to put him in contact with immigration authorities. While his future remains uncertain, we can sense relief in his words sent via Facebook.

    His most recent message:

    “Thank all of you for praying! Pass my thanks to everyone there.”

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