I took the day off at home. It was snowing hard outside, blanketing the house in the cozy silence of winter. It was a perfect day to spend several hours channeling my memory through a keyboard and saving it in the cloud.

I am slowly writing down some of the stories from my life – to help me remember – and to pass them along to my children without gloss or embellishment. I am first seeking to capture key defining moments in my life.

Today I wrote down the rather strange story of how faith took root in my life – and how I learned that evil must yield to the authority of Jesus. The story goes something like this…

A life derailed – broken bones – a vision of sorts – a thirst awakened – revelation by dandelion – spiritual awakening – a witch – a rescue – a traffic violation – a life transformed.

If someone told me such a story, I would question its veracity. But I know it to be true. And this was just the beginning.

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