Re-entry is always tough. It takes time to decompress after a visit to Kakuma refugee camp and reorient myself to life and work in Minnesota.

Today I bought my plane tickets and registered for an upcoming conference in Costa Rica at the end of the month. A large gathering of Latin American Missions is meeting in San Jose to reflect on missions among the diaspora. They’ve invited me to speak concerning the churches role in the global refugee crisis. I am flying in a day early to meet with a handful of Christians there that are serving refugees in Costa Rica. What a privilege to meet with and encourage them. I’m sure I will also learn from them!

I also met online with a friend, mentor and WEA leader, Christine MacMillian. She’s been my WEA leader as I serve as Ambassador for Refugees. We’re trying to figure out ways to get the right people to various UN meetings related to refugees. One specific meeting is called the Dialogue on Faith and Protection. It will meet on Dec 18-19 in Geneva. WEA would like me to be there – but the timing is really tough (the week before Christmas). I welcome your prayers as I try to discern whether this is something I need to do in spite of the timing. The cost of the trip would be high – probably $3700-4000 including airfare, accommodation and meals. I don’t know how I could swing that if I was able to go. Would you pray with me about this and let me know if God impresses anything on you?

In between meetings, I began writing up my recent Kakuma trip. So much happened while there. I’ve learned it is critical to keep notes and write a detailed report in order to keep track of all the moving parts in the ministry.

I’m home now. Donna is an elder at our church and is on a team drafting a statement to bring to the church concerning our posture on some of the most difficult social issues of our time.

Our plate is full. We’re both a bit weary. But we are also grateful.

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