Skyping Kakuma

Today was punctuated by an email conversation with people in Washington D.C. and Kakuma, Kenya. I’m coordinating a Skype conference call for Sunday morning (at 3 PM in Kenya, 8 AM in D.C. and 7 AM here in Minneapolis).

I am looking forward to seeing our ministry partners in Kakuma and talking with the 5 girls that the D.C. church is sponsoring through high school (in partnership with IAFR). The girls are from South Sudan, Burundi, DR Congo and the IDP camp sheltering over 2000 Kenyans.

The sponsoring church is eager to meet the girls via Skype. I am encouraged that they want to do what they can to personalize the sponsorship.

We’re tentatively planning on having someone from the church join me on my April 2019 visit to Kakuma so they can meet the girls in person – as well as get a first hand look at some of the other IAFR projects that the church is sponsoring.

Assuming everything works according to plan, the girls should start their freshman year in January 2019.

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