Not a burden

We invited friends and financial partners to our home last night for “pie in the porch”. While the pies were good, the fellowship was sweeter.

Around 20 of our friends from the Twin Cities were able to join us. Several of them have been financial partners in our ministry since 1979 – almost 40 years! Many of them have known me all my life.

It is such a blessing to see how much it means to them to be part of this work. Several noted (including myself) how we had no idea where God would take this ministry back when I first moved to Bad Kreuzen, Austria.

Several eyes teared up as I shared some of the ways God is at work on the refugee highway today. This work is not a burden. It is a privilege.

I’m thankful that Michael Jurrens was with us so that our friends could meet him before he and his family relocate to northern France to join IAFR’s work there.

And thanks to Michael, I have a photo from last night too 🙂

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