The High Falls

The High Waterfalls on the Minnesota – Canada border. The Pigeon River (pictured) is the border with the US on the left and Canada on the right. It’s a beautiful place to meet.

I like to try to put what I see into words. Here’s what I came up with for these beautiful falls…


unstoppable thunder
cedar, pine, birch and poplar
dampen but do not silence
the summons

dark quiet flow reflecting sky
turns turbulent and white
raising its voice
with authority, not fear
as the bottom drops out
and it tumbles into flight

the forest in respectful awe
keeps its distance
watching in silence
as rock awakens water
to speak
to dance, fly, thunder and plunge

an otherwise tranquil pool
waits below
opens itself to receive and welcome
the turbulent majesty
restoring peace and reverence
after the waters have spoken

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