Connecting people along the Highway

IAFR dreams of the day when churches and ministries scattered all over the world are able to work together in life-giving ways that help refugees survive and recover from forced displacement. An email this morning from a colleague serving with IAFR Canada shows what can happen when we are connected.

There is a 28 year old man from D.R. Congo seeking refuge in Malta (a small EU island nation in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea). He somehow came across the general email address of IAFR Canada and wrote:

“I need help to have asylum seekers paper or refugee camps. I’m suffering in Malta. Please I need directions.”

IAFR Canada is now reaching out to our IAFR missionaries serving in Malta (Doug and Jacqui Marshall) to see if they can follow up personally with this man.

We’re off to a good start – but we imagine this kind of scenario playing out on a daily basis someday as we develop ministries and networks that connect refugees to people that they can trust.

Would you please breathe a prayer that God will further make this dream a reality?

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