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I was taken back while preparing my monthly President’s report for the IAFR Board of Directors today. I was recapping recent and upcoming opportunities to offer refugee ministry consulting and/or training to others. Here’s what I recalled…

  1. June – Global Diaspora Network of the Lausanne Movement meetings in Manila. IAFR Europe Ministry Leader, Paul Sydnor participated and contributed.
  2. June – Refugee Highway Partnership Global Leadership Gathering in Bangkok. Paul Sydnor and Rob Perry (IAFR Canada COO) participated and contributed.
  3. June – Humanitarian Disaster Institute Conference in Chicago. Pastor Jean Pierre Gatera (IAFR Minneapolis/St. Paul) and Jacob Tornga (IAFR East Africa Regional Leader) participated and contributed.
  4. June – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Annual NGO Consultations, Geneva. Tom Albinson (Founder/President) and Tim Barnes (COO) participated and contributed.
  5. July – Richwoods Church, Peoria, IL. Tim Barnes preached.
  6. July – Milwaukee, WI. Tim Barnes met with a group of self identified post-evangelicals.
  7. July – Training Webinar. Rachel Uthmann (Director of Church Training) hosted an online webinar on Biblical Perspectives of Forced Displacement. About 30 people participated.
  8. July – Fargo, ND. Pastor Gatera will meet and consult with a refugee church there.
  9. July – Tom Albinson and Tim Barnes will consult online with the Director of Strategic Ministries of a well-known international mission.
  10. September – Paul Sydnor has been invited to train and consult with churches in South Korea wanting to ministry to the thousands of refugees from Yemen that are in their country.
  11. October – Paul Sydnor is consulting with the European Evangelical Alliance as they plan a refugee track for the October Hope for Europe event to be held in Tallinn.
  12. October – Several IAFR missionaries will participate and contribute to the annual North American Round Table of the Refugee Highway Partnership to be held in Chicago. Participants will come from all over the US and Canada.
  13. November – Rachel Uthmann and Tom Albinson have been invited to participate in and speak at the annual Round Table of the Turkey Region of the Refugee Highway Partnership. Tom can’t make it.
  14. November – Tom Albinson has been invited to speak to a gathering of mission leaders from Latin America in Mexico as they envision missionaries from the region serving along the refugee highway.
  15. May 2019 – Paul Sydnor has been invited to teach for a week at Germany‘s Korntal Academy on “Migration and Missions”.

I am encouraged to see this new interest in refugee ministry by Christians from all over the world. I count it a privilege as IAFR is able to train and consult with them.

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