The most vulnerable people in the world

FACT: Less than 1% of the world’s 25.4 million refugees are resettled in a given year (i.e. a Syrian refugee in Jordan resettled to the US or a Sudanese refugee in Kenya resettled to Canada).

But contrary to what many people assume, not all refugees want to be resettled to another country (including the US). Most hope to one day be able to return home.

The UN Refugee Agency has identified 1.2 million of the 25.4 million refugees in serious need of resettlement – that’s just 6% of the total refugee population.

ANOTHER FACT: Opportunities for resettlement dropped a massive 54% between 2016 and 2017. Over 163,000 refugees were resettled in 2016. Just over 75,000 were resettled in 2017.

These are people who will never be able to return home or integrate into their country of temporary refuge and who are understood to be among the most vulnerable refugees. They are the most vulnerable people in the world.

But as the number of forcibly displaced people continues to grow, peaceful nations are offering less help. The burden to care for these people falls on the world’s developing nations.

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