On the run

I received this message from a friend in Uganda a few moments ago…

“Beloved brother, Sincere prayers needed. War becoming tough and many killing in my village. Death, fleeing, house being burnt and more refugees & IDPs. Tribal or ethnic conflicts. This happening in the eyes of the government! So bad!

I was told later this evening that my sister is among those whose houses were burnt she is now running in bushes with a daughter in law nearly to deliver. Only God can! This is happening in South Kivu region [D.R. Congo] in the villages I was born from!”

Would you join me in praying for my friend and his family in D.R. Congo?

Father in heaven, Father with us now. I pray that you will give my friend peace and sleep tonight, even as he worries about the well-being of his sister and her daughter-in-law. We pray for them as they are running for their lives. Protect them from evil people. Be their shield. Lead them to a place of safety. Be their Guide. Give them clarity of mind as they are under great pressure. Renew their strength, for the journey is not easy. Confirm your faithful presence with them. Provide them with food, water and shelter. You are their Good Shepherd. We pray in the name of Jesus. So be it.

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