Financial pressure

One of our teammates hit the wall today. Support just hasn’t come together as quickly as hoped and the ability to pay their fixed expenses this month was put in question.

Financial pressure like that can stretch faith to breaking point. Not in a way that causes one to walk away from God – but the temptation is certainly there to walk away from the ministry. Stepping out of the business world into the world of support raising is not for the fainthearted.

In times like this, it is good to call to mind the reality that God is the provider for both businessman and missionary. The means and system of provision may be different – but that’s all they are. God himself is our provider.

It was good to pray together with my teammate today. I’ve been there before (and may be there again) – so my prayer was fueled by empathy. It was good to hear of some ways that God was beginning to provide before I left the office this evening.

Thank you, our ever Faithful Provider.

To all those readers who actively support me or other IAFR missionaries, I want to close with a word of deep appreciation. Thank you!

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