A day in the life


I met with a friend with a well-founded fear that their TPS (temporary protection status) will not be renewed this year. The possibility is forcing my friend to consider seeking protection from another country. What an unnecessary uprooting and trauma for my friend to have to experience. We prayed together.


I finally got the FY 2017 Annual Report done and uploaded to the IAFR.org website!


After speaking during an IAFR live webinar about current refugee realities, I headed into the city…

I was invited by friends in the local Somali community to join them for Iftar (breaking of the Ramadan fast). Warm hospitality, great conversations and amazing food.

It is clear the Somali community feels misunderstood by the surrounding society as the evening program included a speaker clarifying Koran teachings on women, jihad, murder and suicide. They desperately want others to understand that extemists should not define our perception of all Moslems.

I was pleased many people from local churches were there. For how can we love our neighbors if we don’t know them?

The MN Council of Churches is partnering with the Somali community to bring people together during these meals during Ramadan.

Did I mention that the food was amazing?

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