I never forgot what he said when my generous older brother gave me a Compaq laptop computer many years ago (with a black and white screen with Windows 3.1). “The essence of your work is communication. So you need quality communication tools.”

Although that was back in the early ’90s, it came to mind today as I secured a Comcast Business contract for our US office today.

We’ve been using a free guest internet connection but have found it often slows down or drops out entirely just when we need it most. As we host many video conference meetings with our leadership, missionaries and partners as well as training webinars, it is time to invest in something with the capacity we need.

So after speaking on this morning’s webinar, I spent a good part of the day talking with Comcast and securing a modem/router that will meet our needs.

It will be installed (and hopefully working) on Friday afternoon.

An important investment in the essence of our ministry: communications.

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