Privacy and transparency

The European Union put new privacy laws into effect in May that released a flood of emails from nonprofits (including IAFR) to those on their email subscription lists. We all had to update our privacy policies concerning websites, blogs and email lists accordingly. I suspect you received at least an email or two notifying you of updated privacy policies and requesting you to confirm or update your email preferences. You may note that even this blog has a new Privacy Policy.

I’m thankful for the work of Tim Barnes, IAFR Executive Vice President, as he worked to update our privacy policy together with our legal consultant. I then spent a good part of the past week adding the updated policy to our website and IAFR affiliated blogs. I also prepared and sent out emails to friends on IAFR email lists requesting that they confirm their desire to be subscribed. I hope you took a second to click on any such IAFR email(s) you may have received 🙂

This kind of work isn’t shiny, but it is an important and even essential part of protecting friends who visit our site and want to keep informed of how we are helping people survive and recover from forced displacement.

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