I was a stranger

Photo: with Herr Kaltenböck

I will never forget Mr. And Mrs. Kaltenböck. They were the first people to take me in when I was a young stranger in a remote rural area of Austria known as the Mühlviertel. I was fresh out of college and 6 months of German school (in Bavaria) and following the unmistakable call of God to serve refugees in a nearby village. There weren’t many rooms for rent in the region – and even fewer people willing to consider renting to a young foreigner. But Herr Kaltenböck and his family took me in. Frau Kaltenböck even did my laundry and invited me to join their family every Sunday for lunch.

Such hospitality is never forgotten.

It was a blessing to be able to visit Herr Kaltenböck while on vacation in Austria this past week. He’s 94 years old now. Sadly, his wife passed away a few years ago.

It did my heart good to tell him thank you – for I was a stranger and you invited me in.

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