Answers to prayer

We received without asking. I know it’s not supposed to happen, but it did. And more than once.

We are thankful to the Tyndale House Foundation for their financial partnership. Last year, they gave us an unsolicited grant “to be used where most needed“. Wow. That kind of support is both precious and rare.

I spent part of today working with Jake Tornga, IAFR US Director of Project Management. We are in the final stages of reporting to Tyndale how we invested their grant. It was encouraging to remember how the grant helped further the kingdom of God along the Refugee Highway.


Church buildings were built by our refugee partners – both in refugee camps and in the surrounding host communities in which the refugees have planted churches.

We built a new chicken coup in an IDP camp to help our IDP Partners expand their poultry business from 500 to 1000 chickens. The business is pulling them out of extreme poverty.

A refugee pastor was receiving death threats, being persecuted and unjustly tried in Malawi. We were able to cover most of his legal fees. The court found him innocent. The attacks have since stopped.

I’m grateful for every single one of our financial partners. And I’m thankful to God for giving us the privilege of participating with him in answering the prayers of our refugee friends.

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