Heading to NYC

Photo: deadwood

It’s a beautiful day here in the Twin Cities so I spent several hours clearing dead brush from under our pine trees.

But I need to turn my attention to packing my suitcase as I depart for New York early tomorrow morning. I’ll be wearing my World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Ambassador for Refugees hat during 3 days of meetings with the WEA Public Engagement Team. It is a privilege to be part of the team and a wonderful platform from which I can influence WEA affiliated churches and institutions around the world. The position also let’s me speak into the United Nations with a Christian voice. As it is not a paid position, I am most gratefully our financial partners that make it possible for me to serve in this capacity!

Our son lives in NYC, so I look forward to having lunch with him tomorrow before heading a couple of hours north of the city for the meetings.

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