Trauma Care connections

I thought it would be a 1 hour conference call. But conversation with like-minded brothers and sisters is precious. Two hours went by before we put the final amen on the call.

I first met David Schupack in 2001. He participated in the first Consultation of the Refugee Highway – a gathering in Izmir, Turkey, that launched what is now known as the Refugee Highway Partnership (RHP). He is working with a team of trauma care providers serving refugees in San Diego.

Rene, Nicole, Samantha and David share a deep love for refugees and a passion to serve them in life-giving ways in the name of Jesus. Although most of us met today for the first time, it wasn’t long before we all felt like we’ve been serving on the same team for years.

David heard me present the IAFR Continuum of Recovery last summer at the annual North American Refugee Highway Round Table. He has since found it a very helpful framework for developing their ministry and training in San Diego.

Image: The IAFR Continuum of Response

How encouraging to know that the tools we are developing are resonating in other ministry contexts and helping people and churches engage people in ways that help them survive and recover from forced displacement!

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