Talking soup…

My wife and I met two young ladies after church today. One is a poet/writer and the other is starting a new job as a recruiter. They made the mistake of asking what we do.

They were curious about my work as a missionary among refugees. I shared with them the need for humanitarian help to keep people physically alive – but that there is also a pressing need to keep hope alive among refugees. For people who are alive without hope may well wish they were dead.

As it was fresh on my mind (see yesterday’s post titled “Soup”), I asked them…

If hope was a soup, what ingredients would be needed?

They fully engaged the conversation (even scribbled notes into the little notepads they had brought to church!).

Before we parted ways, they said that they wanted to have coffee sometime to talk this over in greater depth. I told them that I’m praying that God will raise up a bunch of people their age to join in the ministry of IAFR. I gave them my card and asked them to let me know when they have time to continue the conversation.

It’s encouraging to see how deeply the mission of IAFR resonated with them.

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